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Why study theology?

What kind of student enjoys theology? You do not have to consider yourself religious, but you would need to be open to the bigger questions in life, to thinking about God and meaning and good and evil.

Someone who ends up choosing theology will want to make a positive difference, to help others, and to make the world a better and a kinder place. If you are interested in history, in people and society, in what it means to be human, in literature, in culture, in the world as our common home, then theology could be a good fit too.

In the BATh in St Patrick’s Pontifical University, students take theology alongside other subjects from Maynooth University. Most of our students are not setting out to become professional theologians. They could be studying German, Business, Sociology, Criminology, Music, English, Anthropology, Law, Criminology, Geography, or History alongside Theology. Those combinations open up all kinds of possibilities to grow as a person while being equipped to make a positive difference in the lives of others through a variety of career paths.

St Patrick’s Pontifical University

Career paths

University is meant to train for life and taking Theology alongside another Arts subject will certainly do that. You would be developing skills such as critical thinking, good communication and the ability to explain and debate issues, clarity of thought and working with complexity. You would not only be learning things that are useful, but also exploring what is beautiful and what is good.

St Patrick’s students become alert to ethical issues and have a greater understanding of the viewpoints of others. Our hope is that they become committed to the common good and reflect on how they can contribute to that wherever their future takes them.

A degree from St Patrick’s Pontifical University lays the groundwork for a wide range of careers. Our graduates become teachers, journalists, chaplains, pastoral workers, academics and entrepreneurs. They are engaged in community development, administration, business, research, postgraduate study, parish and youth work.

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Our BATh opens doors to many careers

With the Joint Arts Degree at St Patrick’s Pontifical University and MU we offer 24 arts subjects to study alongside Theology. Our graduates have gone on to enjoy successful careers that include teaching, marketing, communications, journalism, public relations, finance, community development, social services, chaplaincy and parish administration.

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