St Mary’s University, Twickenham

St Mary’s University, Twickenham

Located in leafy Strawberry Hill, just 30 mins from Central London, St Mary’s is a campus university offering students the best of both worlds; a modern university in a town setting, on the doorstep of one of greatest cities in the world.

St Mary’s will give you the ability to make a difference and the confidence to fulfil your potential. Inspired by the ethos of our Catholic founders, everything we do is guided by our values of Inclusiveness, Generosity of Spirit, Respect and Excellence.

We’re a community

Our campus is a community, where connections are made on every corner and in every classroom. Academic and social, sporting and cultural, local and global: our world of relationships and networks is a place where everyone feels they can contribute and make a difference. St Mary’s is a place where eyes are opened, characters are built, reputations are made, and world problems are solved.

Size is important

We are smaller than most
universities and our focus is on quality not quantity. Our scale makes collaborations easier and we’re big advocates of combined disciplines that answer real world problems. No one is too remote – you’re as likely to chat to professors as you are your fellow students.

Teaching is in our DNA

We were founded as an institution for teaching teachers. We strive to provide an inspirational education that helps students see the bigger picture, that encourages interactions and new perspectives.

Everyone is someone

St Mary’s has established a reputation for providing an enriching and fulfilling educational experience. In helping students on their journey to academic excellence, we encourage them to recognise their potential and understand how to be the best version of themselves. Developing the individual is our mission. We give everyone the confidence to take their place in society beyond our walls, knowing they have a great deal to offer in creating a more humane, just and sustainable world.

Our Heritage

St Mary’s was founded in 1850 by the Catholic Poor Schools Committee. Its first intake comprised of six young men, who were trained to become teachers in poor schools. The founding values were inspired by the teaching of St John Henry Newman, who wrote that, through higher education, “A habit of mind is formed which lasts through life, of which the attributes are freedom, equitableness, calmness, moderation, and wisdom.”

Today that means preparing graduates who are fair-minded and non-judgemental, who can see the situation as others do and who have a sense of self confidence that allows them to make a valuable contribution to society – above all, individuals who are continually seeking to learn more about themselves and the world.
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