Modernising Europass

The European Council New Europass Decision 2018, provided an EU level framework to support the development of a new online platform with web-based tools and relevant information for learners, workers and job-seekers across the EU.

The aim of the new decision is to help individuals manage their careers and studies, support transparency and understanding of skills and qualifications acquired in formal, non-formal and informal settings.

The new Europass platform is scheduled for EU launch in May 2020 and will include:


The on-line Europass e-portfolio will enable users to display, document and share their skills, qualifications and experience gathered in the course of every stage of their life.

Information Provision

Information will be accessible about working, learning or training across the EU with content and links on learning opportunities, qualifications and qualifications frameworks, validation of non-formal and informal learning, recognition practices and services offering guidance on international opportunities and career guidance to meet user needs.

Europass Interoperability

Europass will facilitate connecting with employment and learning services to allow users connect and make applications. Organisations that maintain CV databases, that operate IT systems where end-users fill in a profile, that process candidate applications or that provide databases of information to be published on Europass, will benefit from interoperability with the new Europass.

Digitally-signed credentials

Digitally-signed credentials will be a feature within Europass and are electronic records given to a person to certify the learning they have received. Degrees, diplomas and certificates of participation can be provided as digitally-signed credentials.

Modernising Europass

Update on developments and where are we now?

More information is also available on a short video at Europass: making Europe’s job market accessible to all.

A timeline of scheduled developments of the New Europass can be found at Europass Project Management Plan.

As national representatives in the Europass Advisory Group (EAG), QQI, as Europass Ireland and NCGE as Euroguidance Ireland will be working closely with the EU Com-mission and European colleagues and partners to provide regular feedback on the ongoing design, content and general developments of the new Europass.

We look forward to the roll out of the new Europass in 2020.

mount lucas
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