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The Department of Tourism, LYIT is located in the oldest campus outside Dublin dedicated to education and training in Culinary Arts, Hospitality Operations and Management, and Tourism. Since its establishment in 1969, the Department of Tourism situated in Killybegs, Co. Donegal, has evolved to keep pace with the growing demands of the hospitality and tourism industry. Bringing together food, business, hospitality, culinary science and technology
has enabled the department to develop as a national centre for innovation through, product development, hospitality/tourism education and training. All of our programmes focus on the development of key transferable skills; customer service, communication, organisation, attention to detail and teamwork which are the cornerstone of a successful career in the industry.

Our education offering is expanded through a range of academic partners throughout Europe, where students can
choose to study for a semester, supported through Erasmus+ and through our network of industry partners across the globe.

We have partners in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Malta, Romania, Turkey, Australia, Canada the UK and the US, and we are constantly enlarging our network to benefit our students. We want to be a part of your success.

Tourism is Ireland’s largest indigenous industry employing 230,000 people nationally, one in every ten of the labour-force. The industry is twice the size of agriculture and offers more employment than sectors such as the construction, IT or financial services industry, it crucially cannot be outsourced or off-shored and its economic benefits are felt both in our cities but also throughout rural Ireland.

On a global scale, growth in tourism is most significant outside of our normal markets of Europe and the USA, with significant business growth in Asia and Africa. Tourist profiles are changing and those working in tourism now require a set of skills that reflect the global nature of the industry.

Why study a programme in Hospitality, Tourism or Culinary Arts?

Career opportunities, both here in Ireland and abroad, are almost limitless in the sector. The structure of all our programmes allows students to undertake work placements and internships at home and overseas, so that they are best placed to enter the world of work on graduation. The department of Tourism continues to develop its professional network to facilitate and support students in selecting their career paths.

When choosing a career in the tourism industry, you are setting yourself apart from the many thousands of individuals who work in the industry on a casual basis, either while studying for other careers or while between jobs. Graduates of specialist programmes are destined for senior career roles, many of which are new to the industry. Non-traditional roles such as Digital Media Managers are now as common as traditional roles such as Food and Beverage Director, Revenue and Reservations Managers or Destination Travel Executives, and programmes are designed to open up opportunities in a range of industries with links to tourism, from Finance, IT, Media and Marketing and Outdoor / Extreme Travel Experiences.

Why choose LYIT Department of Tourism, Killybegs, Co. Donegal?

The Department of Tourism offers a range of courses, from short certificate programmes to degree level qualifications in culinary arts, hospitality, tourism, food science and technology, industry-based programmes and preparatory programmes. The programmes are designed for school leavers and to facilitate mature students to return to study. They are offered on a fullor part-time basis and have been developed in collaboration with regional and national tourism enterprises. Our students and graduates find placement and employment opportunities around the globe. This has helped us achieve an enviable near 100% graduate employment rate.

Our courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to work in this exciting industry anywhere in the world. Our education offering is expanded trough a range of academic partners throughout Europe, where students can choose to study for a semester, supported through Erasmus+. We have partners in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Malta, Romania and Turkey. Upon completion of a programme of study at the Department of Tourism, Killybegs you will be ready to take on key roles in all areas of a hospitality/tourism organisation, including supervisory and business management level or perhaps you might be considering starting a new business and be your own boss. From a gastronomy perspective our courses are designed to channel your enthusiasm for all things culinary so that you become a highly skilled professional chef with excellent knowledge and experience – ready to
work anywhere in the world, in different organisations or as an entrepreneur running your own business.

Tourism is one of the world's largest and most dynamic industries. Completing a programme in the Department of Tourism, Killybegs will allow you to take the first step of your career, which will inevitably be exciting and full of amazing opportunities in this global industry.

Graduate Story

Nathan Gillespie graduated in 2019 with a BA (Hons) in Hotel, Restaurant and Resort Management. The hospitality industry has always interested Nathan, who has worked in hotels from a young age. Throughout his degree programme, Nathan completed placements in different hotels where he gained a range of experience across all aspects of hotel operations. A consummate professional, Nathan has represented the LYIT Department of Tourism at National Competitions.

Since graduating Nathan has worked in Ashford Castle, Co. Mayo and has had the opportunity to work closely with management during the current pandemic and resulting lock-downs. Nathan achieved a lot during his first year working in this five star luxury property; he won Employee of the Month and became the trainer in his department. He has recently been nominated by senior management for Ashford Castle Restaurant Employee of the year in the Annual Forbes Awards.

Nathan believes the BA (Hons) in Hotel and Restaurant Management, at the Department of Tourism, Killybegs Campus, provided him with the necessary skills and education to excel in his career. The future is bright for Nathan.

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