Follow the Camino de Santiago!

The Camino Provides

A great tool for your students to develop soft skills

The Camino de Santiago is a great tool for you as an educator to help your students to develop soft skills like team working and empathy. By learning how to support each other and to walk together as a group they develop a great sense of fellowship, they get to know their class mates better and develop true friendships along the way.

A formula to unfold
your students' curiosity
What better way to grow than by going out of your comfort zone? Introduce your students to the world beyond the classroom and boost their curiosity to learn more about Spanish culture and traditions. While walking the Camino, your students will also have chances to meet new friends, exchange culture with local people, and to explore their fascinating ways of life. Perhaps this is their first trip without their parents, for sure an unforgettable experience!
Gonzaga College - Jun 2018 (5th year)
'Just returned from an amazing 5 days on the Camino! it was a complete unknown, and even more risky taking 15 students with me but Follow the Camino did a fantastic job!!! Thank you so much everyone who helped to make our trip so special. Everything went like clockwork. Connections were there on time and smiling faces and helpfulness were always evident. Thank you all from all of us!!
mount lucas
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