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The New Europass platform was launched in July 2020 and is emerging as a significant career planning tool combining an individual personal profile alongside with access to key information sources on learning and working in Europe.

Euroguidance Ireland created a short video to assist students / Guidance Counsellors through the steps required to complete their,

(i) profile,
(ii) CV and
(iii) Cover letter

For more information go to: The profile is available in all 28 European languages including English and Irish. The Europass platform will soon be enhanced by the addition of new digital tools that will enable digital credentials to be stored in the personal profile. Since the launch over 1m Europass profiles have been created and around 500,000 persons visiting the site on a weekly basis. Improvements of the Europass infrastructure and preparation for the establishment of digital credentials are ongoing. A recent series of updates resulted in the release of a new platform for Europass (v 1.3) in December 2020.
Europass is noted as key action of the 2025 European Skills Agenda to help address reskilling and find employment. The new Europass has close links to and platforms both in Ireland and in the EU sharing this resource and information across these essential public services to people interested in studying, training, working and volunteering in Europe. The key feature of the new Europass is a personal profile which facilitates the on-line creation of your own account building a profile of your personal, education and work history as well as details of your information technology, life and language skills. You can also upload CV’s, certificates, licences, and evidence of your career to date.

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