Europass 2020 New platform launched by EU Commission

The new Europass platform featuring an online e-Portfolio is now available and made up of a set of online tools to help users communicate their skills, qualifications and experiences and manage their career in a fast changing world.

Europass is an important element of the European Skills Agenda taking a first step in delivering on the ambition of the of making lifelong learning a reality for all.

The new Europass offers a range of online ‘e-Portfolio’ tools and information for people of all ages, at all stages of their lives, to manage their learning and career such as:

  •  a personal profile for people to record all their skills, qualifications and experiences
  •  tailored suggestions of jobs (via EURES) and courses for Europass users based on their interests and skills
  •  updated tools for creating CVs and cover letters
  •  information on learning and working in Europe

As part of the new Europass, the Commission is working with 18 countries to pilot Europass Digital Credentials, which are authentic, tamper-proof digital credentials (e.g. qualifications, diplomas, certificates). Europass Digital Credentials can support ‘paperless’ processes and easier recognition and understanding of qualifications across the EU.

The launch of the new platform marks a new chapter in the modernisation of Europass following the adoption of the Europass Decision in 2018. The Commission will continue to work with Member States, participating countries and labour market and education and training stakeholders to keep Europass fit for the future and develop its features, including roll out of Europass Digital Credentials.

Europass: take the next step!

New platform launched by EU Commission

Take the Next Step in your career with Europass


Europass is your free set of online tools to help you manage your career throughout your life, whether starting in your first job or looking for new challenges.
With Europass you can:

  •  Create your personal record of all your skills, qualifications and experiences
  •  Identify and reflect on your skills
  •  Receive personalised job suggestions
  •  Prepare and keep track of applications and cover letters for different courses and studies
  •  Store all your documents and files in one secure location in My Library

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