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In 2019, the Central Statistics Office launched its
“Because you told us” campaign, encouraging households to participate in CSO surveys. The information your household gives us means we can create a very accurate picture of Ireland, our lives, our economy, our health and our happiness.
If your household is asked, please take part in a CSO household survey and help to plan for everyone's future in Ireland:

CSO Competitions

CSO Competitions

Every year the CSO organises and sponsors several competitions, many of which are aimed at secondary school students. The John Hooper Statistical Poster Competition aims to improve students' abilities to describe their environment with the help of statistics and to use them as a tool for making sense of daily life. Taking part in this poster competition encourages students to:

• work as a team
• investigate real questions using data
• use their analytical and graphical skills
• interpret statistical results
• develop skills in written communication

The competition is open to teams of 2 to 3 students, born in, or after, 2001, from any part of the island of Ireland. Posters can be about any topic students choose. Every second year, this competition feeds into an international poster competition, run by the International

Statistical Literacy Project. The winning poster of the John Hooper competition is put forward to represent Ireland along with a second poster as there are two age categories. This year we are delighted to say that Ireland came first in both age categories. This is a remarkable achievement as it is the first time that any country has won both categories since the competition began.

This year, the winners of the John Hooper Competition will be eligible to go forward to another competition – the European Statistical Competition which will involve making a twominute video on a statistical topic.

Each year the CSO sponsors an award at the BT Young Scientist Exhibition for the most innovative use, or potential use, of CSO data.

We invite all winners to an awards ceremony in the National Concert Hall in October during Maths week.

Interactive Zone:

Visit our Interactive Zone for more information on these competitions:


Please get your class to fill out our new CensusAtSchool questionnaire:
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