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Europass is an EU wide service working to make sure that your skills, abilities and qualifications are understood by education and training providers and employers at home and across Europe. Europass is also an effective on-line career management system, helping you to store personal records systematically.

Europass has five key tools that provide information according to a clear template that has been agreed across the EU:

Europass CV:  helps you showcase your skills and achievements. The CV can be uploaded to Europe wide job-search engines and is widely used by employers for recruitment purposes. It is one of the most popular CV templates in the world- almost 35,000 CVS are created by individual users daily!

Europass Diploma Supplement:  higher education institutions provide this supplementary information to graduates, personalised to the particular programme of learning that you followed and the award you achieved

Europass Certificate Supplement:  explains your vocational qualification and is available online to download. It is issued by QQI for major, supplemental and special purpose awards at levels 5 and 6

Europass Mobility:  this document is a formal record outlining learning achieved through your experiences in work and study overseas. These opportunities are part of many programmes of learning in vocational and higher education under Erasmus+, and the Mobility document provides an important record for your future

Europass Language Passport:  provides an opportunity for you to benchmark your language skills according to the common European Framework of Reference for Language. This gives you an opportunity to track your won progress and plan your future learning.All these documents can be saved on-line by creating your own European Skills Passport. This becomes your career management and development portfolio, where you should keep any references, records of any employment experience, awards and achievements. Then as opportunities come your way, you are ready and can meet deadlines easily. Are you

• Working with senior cycle students a part of the whole school guidance team, as a professional guidance counsellor or as a work experience coordinator?

• Preparing Diploma Supplements for students in Higher Education?

• Looking at Mobility opportunities under Erasmus+?

• Looking for Certificate Supplements for students in Further Education and Training?

Make sure your students prepare a CV that will really take them places: help them develop good career management skills. Clarify what a Diploma Supplement and Certificate Supplement will do for your students and how to get the best from transnational participation in EU wide programmes under Erasmus+. In 2015 we will

• Engage effectively with the guidance community so that Europass documents provide a relevant and useful resource in the classroom.

• Provide you with Fact-sheets for individual tools, promotional materials and educational tools.

• Participate in national events in support of the work you do in providing the best opportunities for the young people you serve.

• Provide you with an e-zine which will assist you in keeping up to date with related EU initiatives.

How do I use Europass?

Log onto www.Europass.ie  and follow the signposts to the documents that interest you

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