Write Talk paves the way to success!

Write Talk

‘Text speak’ and abbreviated writing are all very well for communicating with friends and family but when it comes to school work then the rules of punctuation and grammar need to be applied.

Write Talk offers a simple way for students and teachers to sharpen their skills as it contains the rules of punctuation, main parts of speech, grammar, spelling strategies and also guidelines on verbal and nonverbal communication. The conventions on writing formal letters and emails are listed and definitions of examination vocabulary are included.

Write Talk can help you to write and speak with confidence and reflect accuracy, credibility, clear thinking and attention to detail.  The clearly designed headings, subheadings and bullet point examples make it easy to navigate and its small size makes it practical for day-to-day use. The book is designed to dip in and out of when preparing work such as essays, projects, homework, applications, letters, emails or presentations.

Regardless of whether you are at home, school, college or the workplace, we can all benefit from the opportunity to sharpen our communication skills and minimize mistakes.  Nobody is perfect, but it is important to take care that we do the best job possible.   Write Talk aims to make it easy for everyone to get the basics right so improve your writing in all subjects by keeping a copy of Write Talk handy.

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