During the first months of TY, I spent each Monday in a veterinary clinic learning the practices and daily routine of a vet… or I would have been had Monday not been an uneventful day in the particular vets I was in. No vet arrived until 4 o’clock and the veterinary nurse spent most of the day filing and making sure everything was ready for the coming week. Straight from the moment I walked in the door I was informed of this and I arranged to take a few Wednesdays off school and spend them in the vets viewing surgeries.I rearranged shelves carrying numerous antibiotics and medical instruments each Monday. There was a friendly atmosphere there, you felt right at home and the vet nurse had a huge knowledge of the various chemicals and medicines used.When there were no jobs to be done the wifi came in handy. I was given a two-hour lunch break and off I went home, arriving back rejuvenated, willing to stay for a few more hours to observe the vet in action.

vet work experienceAlong he came at four, and I watched him perform checkups on dogs and cats, no other types of pet came through the doors. Several cases come to mind; a paralysed cat, a constipated dog which the vet dealt with efficiently and a crate full to the brim of newly born labradors scrambling to peek their head over the top. I quickly learned that a lot was needed to become a vet, you had to be patient with the owner as they attempt to explain what is wrong with the animal in question, and you also have to be quite knowledgeable, there are a lot of variables when dealing with so many diverse species.
The weeks flew by and eventually came my first Wednesday to be spent with the vet performing surgeries. I had found out that the particular vet I was doing my work experience with was well-known for having a speciality with greyhounds, and saw the proof of that when I walked in the doors at 9 o’clock that morning. Men with greyhounds on leashes were streaming in the door one by one.The most common surgery in practice was the neutering of male and female pets. I watched as the blood poured out of a small incision and handed various instruments to the vet. The day went on like this until I was handed a task to complete. I had to perform a dental check up on a small German Shepherd. I was shown how to use the dentistry tool and I experienced first hand one of the skills necessary to be a vet.
I also got the chance to give an injection to a severely damaged cat, which happened to be an unpleasant experience as cats are not my favourite creatures in the world and this particular cat wriggled out of my grasp several times.
Altogether my experience in the vets was extremely enjoyable and I gained a huge knowledge of the practice and have concluded that this career would be a very worthwhile and rewarding one to pursue.