Why should young people vote?


As we all know the 2016 general election has been called and in just over three weeks we will have a new government. For young people, voting may not be on the top your to-do list and there are a number of people who are not even registered to vote. So, here is why it is important:

We are privileged to live in a democratic country where we can have our voices heard. Why not take advantage of that and help choose the people you want to represent this country. We need to be aware and make informed decisions on where these people stand on education.

If politicians see that young people are not bothering to vote then they know that putting our needs are not top of their priorities, this then ends up with young people being furious at decisions the government makes. It’s a vicious circle and one which could be avoided if you went a voted for the right people.

Some of you may have the impression that one vote won’t make a difference but that is why we have this political system. Of course, every single vote matters so don’t think yours won’t.

It is the young people who are going to be growing up with these decisions so why not make it a place you want to be? You all have the power to choose who you believe will make a difference.

Friday 26th of February is when it all finishes and there is still time to register if you haven’t already done so. If you are 18 or will be 18 before the 15th of February then register with the RFA2 form. If you are registered but have a new address you can apply for the supplement with the RFA3 form.

If you are not sure if you are registered you can visit www.checktheregister.ie and choose your local council from the drop-down list. From there, you can enter your details and make sure you’re registered at your current address.

If you want to find out where political parties stand on Primary Education, read below questions prepared by the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation.

GE16 1

GE16 2

GE16 3

GE16 4

GE16 5

GE16 6

GE16 7

GE16 8