What your sport says about you

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Sport is something that is played worldwide and I believe that no matter who the individual is, there is a sport just for them. What makes a person choose a sport? Or more importantly, what does your sport say about you? Each sport, just like the individuals who play it has its own defining characteristics which tend to give an insight into the individual.


Croke park and ball

“Gaelic is not a matter of life and death its much more important than that.”

Ah, the good old Gaelic football! If you find yourself reading this and at some stage in your life had to make up your mind between gaelic and soccer and undoubtedly chose gaelic, then the chances are you are a true country folk. You love the thrill of the physical sport and fast paced tempo at which it is played. You love competition and the thoughts of championship football, whether it is on the TV or not, brings butterflies to your stomach. If you have only ever played Gaelic for the local parish and are originally from there then you probably feel the slight pressure from people saying “Ah, he may be good but by god he couldn’t pluck a ball like his oul’ fella!”



“Its a cross between hockey and 2nd degree murder.” – Alan Shearer

Sticks? Leather balls? Fastest field sport in the world? What could possibly go wrong? Hurling to most outside the island of Ireland looks like a typical crazy Irish sport. However, it’s a masterclass in itself. Having an ability to control a ball at such high speeds is a marvel to watch at the top levels and the likes of Joe Canning prove that. Now, what does it say about your character? Well if you haven’t guessed already, bravery ranks quite highly in this for obvious reasons! You are one fearless human being if you can handle hurling at top levels. Similar to Gaelic football you love the thrill of competition and have an undying love for the Irish sport. If you still play this after into your late teens the chances are you are a brave lad from a country area and the local team loves a get together down in the local pub.



Soccer, A.K.A., the beautiful game. The most popular sport in the world and at times acts as a universal language. It is played by men and women alike throughout the world. The dilemma that faces a lot of Irish teenagers is trying to chose between it and Gaelic! If this is your preference then the chances are you are from a town/city and all the friends you grew up with all played soccer.  You’re big into your style and the hair has to be immaculate at all times.


HONG KONG - DECEMBER 04: Rory McIlroy of Northern Ireland holes out of the bunker on the 18th green to win the 4th round of the UBS Hong Kong Open at The Hong Kong Golf Club on December 4, 2011 in Hong Kong, China. (Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images)


Unlike the previous sports, we are now turning our attention to the individual sport. Golf is unique in the way that you need an outside incentive to start i.e. your parents! The chances are either your mam and dad OR your granddad got you into this sport by buying you your very first set of golf clubs. Congratulations, now you’re owned! There’s no way of getting out of this until you’re at least old enough to vote…unless of course you’re really good and you enjoy playing it. To play golf, you need a high level of determination and patience because practice makes perfect and believe me, you need to practice…a lot!



Once again it’s just you and yourself. There is no one else in the ring when you are facing a person who wants to knock your block off. The hours of training, the buckets of sweat, the mundane food, all come down to this moment. The will-power and determination of a boxer is second to none and highly admirable. What possess someone to do a sport like this? Who knows?! I don’t even think boxers know but they are fearless and have a controlled aggression that is harnessed over years of practice. Most boxers live in large built-up areas where there are multiple training facilities but having the motivation to go and train a few days a week is what sets them apart. If you’re a boxer, you have a relentless determination and have an ability to believe you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.



Ok, lets not beat around the bush here. If you’re playing bowls, the chances are you once played the above sports but many moons ago. It was on in the local hall and you said, “Right ok, I’ll go sure, I have nothing better to do.” The sport may be boring but it doesn’t mean you have to be. Sure, bowls can be exciting and it involves a certain level of strategy that you get better at with practice. It’s grand for a get together with the locals but I wouldn’t brag about it to the grandkids!

So, which of the above sports do you do? Do you agree on what it says about you?