What is Philosophy?

Philosophy Ireland

Philosophy Ireland is an invitation to the people of Ireland (whatever their age, and whoever they are) to think, enquire, and reflect – to get philosophizing! Our mission is to support the development of philosophy in the Irish curriculum, universities, and wider community.

Philosophy Ireland is passionate about philosophy. We believe that philosophy is for everyone. We believe that everyone could use more thinking time.

Philosophy is an exciting addition to the curriculum which offers a learning opportunity where students can explore stimulating and challenging questions and philosophical ideas. The current 3rd years at Temple Carrig School in Greystones took part in the pilot Junior Cycle Philosophy Short Course which will be published and made available to all schools this Autumn by the NCCA and is included in the new Government Education plan 2016-2019.

Philosophy IrelandStudents from the Philosophy class in Temple Carrig School participated in the documentary series Vision 2116 for RTE. This program, made by Dr Robert Grant focuses on how Ireland is going down a path where economic productivity is the main vision for our society, and how this is clashing with our values and humanity. Introducing philosophy to schools could play a vital role in equipping students with the ability to think about the kind of society we want. It is due to be shown on RTE in Autumn. Philosophy is an open enquiry which can emerge with any topic where big concepts are identified and we explore them together. We raise questions which are difficult to answer like; Should you ever lie to a friend? ( Ethics ), Does power corrupt?( Politics ), Who decides what beauty is? (Aesthetics ), Do our pets know we love them? (Epistemology). What makes the class philosophical is the richness and contestability of the concepts and questions raised. Not only does it encourage students’ problem-solving and analytical reasoning, it promotes social and emotional development too. As students develop their philosophical awareness, they realise that these challenging questions matter and can be enjoyable to discuss.

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