What impact does social media have on society?

Social media doodles elements

This is an extremely topical debate. It is one I feel we will never escape from as there is always something new and trending which will always have an effect on today’s society whether it’s positive or negative. As there are so many different aspects of social networking I have no definite answer to say if it is good or bad, they kind of balance each other out, don’t you think?


We have all fallen victim to sitting down and saying, ‘I’ll just have a quick look on my Facebook’, hours later it’s silly o’clock and you are wondering how long the teleshopping has been on your TV screen. I am not one to judge because I am that person. Wasting time, energy and brain cells on mindless scrolling through my various social medias. I’m not saying it’s wrong but we all know it is definitely not good. Sometimes I physically can’t get out of bed in the mornings until I have done my usual routine of checking my Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook etc. only until then am I allowed to start my day. Yes, I’m slightly exaggerating but I know we all do it.

One thing which is becoming more of a problem is people who call ‘socialising’ just meeting up with friends and then sitting in silence on their phones, like zombies, I mean even I’m not that bad. We are losing that real connection with people which is needed to survive, you can’t live your life ‘talking’ to people through a text. Go out and interact with other humans, I swear it is actually fun.

Of course, you can’t examine a subject like this without the discussion of online bullying, it is a major issue that is so relevant. Without getting into too much detail as we all know the possible consequences of something like this, in my eyes, it is simply unacceptable. No one deserves to be bullied online, in person, just full stop! There are also the concerns of ‘catfishing’, scam artists or anyone of any age being able to access literally anything they want. People have been made aware of these dangers and if you haven’t you must have only recently joined social networking sites.

There are so many things which are potentially harmful but like I have mentioned with every bad thing there is also a good thing to counteract it. Social media is an excellent way for friends and family to catch up, you go to school with someone and years later stumble upon their Facebook profile; friendship rekindled. Your child moves away from home one click of the mouse and you Skype them anytime you want. You can join online communities where you feel a sense of belonging, chat to people who have the same interest or goals as you. Even meet the love of your life on a dating website which is becoming more popular and common every day. You can recieve news from the other side of the globe in seconds, everything is just a click away. It really is an amazing thing when you think about it.

Like everything in this world, there is the good, the bad and the ugly. Social networking is no different it impacts us in a way that can bring about great opportunities but also hard times as well it’s just something society have become use to and we are forever growing and adapting to it.