Webkids are passionate about creating opportunities to help children of any ability learn new skills. 

Webkids are committed to providing the best online learning courses to children, enabling them to discover their inherent skills and core talents building up their confidence and self-esteem.


Their first course is on Web Development and is taught using a combination of video, text and an interactive learning page where children can complete tasks and instantly see the results of the code they type.

ELSI-R, their Exceptional Life skilled Super Intelligent Robot is a great friend to have as she guides the children through the course providing explanations on each new concept. This will help children understand what they are learning, empowering them with knowledge that will lead them on to the next step.


Their goal is to accommodate children’s different learning styles including visual, auditory and hands on learning techniques to help children learn in a way that will inspire them to reach their full potential.

So why give it a try to discover your true potential… Have Fun!