Water Explorer – an online Water Conservation initiative for schools

Water Explorer

Looking for ideas on how to teach the subject of water?

Water Explorer is a highly competitive and exciting online initiative for schools. Students can get involved in water conservation missions and challenges and can win prizes, workshops and a place at National and International Water Explorer Finals.

Water Explorer ProgrammeThe programme is open to young people aged 8-15 in Ireland, the UK, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, Bermuda and Switzerland. Water Explorer will help children develop life skills such as presenting, critical thinking, project management and team working.


Water Explorer is a fantastic global programme that helps raise awareness of water conservation in schools. As a teacher all the resources are provided for you which makes the programme very easy to implement in the classroom and the Water Explorer team are always there to offer help and advice. My class have gained so much from participating in this programme aside from a deeper understanding of conservation issues: teamwork, leadership and the confidence to present their work to others are just some of the many benefits I have seen. I would highly recommend the Water Explorers programme for other schools! Teacher, Co. Cork.

How to get started: 

Go to www.WATEREXPLORER.ie. 

  • Register on the sign up page 
  • Now log in to your schools own Water Explorer Homepage 
  • Get started taking Water Explorer Missions 
  • Upload newsreels, win points, prizes and workshops! 
  • Register now and avail of one of our limited Kick-starter Workshops.

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Water Explorer Online Programme

Why the focus on Water?

Without water there is no life. The world’s fresh water is under threat. We are calling on Water Explorers around the world to make every drop count – filling our future with water for all.

What do Water Explorers achieve?

Water Explorer supports 8 -14 year olds on a student-led mission to rescue our waterful world. Water Explorers are supported to:
Complete water-based challenges on key water issues
Collaborate with other students across the world
Hold community water festivals and win points and prizes
Develop a range of transferable knowledge and skills
What impact will Water Explorer have?
By the end of the two-year programme (Sep 2016), the programme will have resulted in the following (among other) benefits:
1,400 Water Explorer teams
9,000 Water Explorers trained
90,000 students with increased water awareness
475,000 students and community members engaged
240,000 m3 water saved = 95 Olympic swimming pools