Water Explorer 2016-2017 – an online Water Conservation initiative for schools

berrings NS cork-2016-water explorer,winners
berrings NS cork-2016-water explorer,winners

Water Explorer 2016-2017 – an online Water Conservation initiative for schools

Here’s Some more information on the programme

Looking for ideas on how to teach the subject of water? Water Explorer is an exciting online initiative for schools and youth groups where students can get involved in water conservation missions and challenges and can win prizes, workshops and a place at National Water Explorer Finals in Dublin. The programme engages young people in 11 countries in understanding how water affects lives, and taking practical action to protect and save water in school communities.

The programme is open to young people aged 8-15 in Ireland, the UK, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, Bermuda and Switzerland.

Water Explorer will help children develop life skills such as presenting, critical thinking, project management and team working.

To get involved go to our website: www.waterexplorer.ie

Principal Eamain Riall, from Lissenhall National School, Tipperary: “We were delighted with how well resourced the programme was and the opportunities for involving parents and the community. The programme is a great balance of project based learning, competition and fun, and we would highly recommend it to other schools in the area.”

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Young students from Berrings National School Cork, winners of water explorer 2016

Get started VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XNIaHwBdfM

 Water Explorer is a highly competitive and exciting online initiative for schools.

Students can get involved in water conservation missions and challenges and can win prizes, workshops and a place at National and International Water Explorer Finals.
The programme is open to young people aged 8-15 in Ireland, the UK, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, Bermuda and Switzerland. Water Explorer will help children develop
life skills such as presenting, critical thinking, project management and team working.
How to get started:
Go to www.WATEREXPLORER.ie. Register on the sign up page
Now log in to your schools own Water Explorer Homepage
Get started taking Water Explorer Missions Upload newsreels, win points, prizes and workshops!
Register now and avail of one of our limited
Kick-starter Workshops.
For further information, phone 01 883 2185 or email
the Water Explorer Team at
To get involved go to our website: http://belltimemagazine.ie

Berrings NS National Water Explorer Winners 2016 

Berrings NS National Water Explorer Winners 2016
Berrings National School from Berrings County Cork where the National Water Explorer Programme Winners 2016 in an innovative online water conservation initiative organised by the charity Global Action Plan.

The Water Explorer programme focuses on pupils aged 8-14 years in developing their understanding of how water affects lives, and how they can develop practical ideas to protect and save water in school communities.

Pupils from Berrings National School took home a €300 cash prize and a specially-commissioned trophy and framed certificate following an awards ceremony held at the Axis Theatre in Ballymun, Dublin. The award honours the pupils for their outstanding efforts across the whole programme in taking action to protect and conserve our fresh water and for excelling in the areas of awareness raising and community outreach. Last school year, Berrings National School saved a total of 1858 litres of water through their activities – an outstanding achievement.

Global Action Plan is Ireland’s leading environmental charity spearheading education for sustainable development in communities across the country. The Water Explorer project, supported by the HSBC Water Programme, is part of an international initiative involving 11 countries.

Teacher Maryellen O’Driscoll, from Berrings National School, says the pupils were thrilled to receive the accolade.