Vocations Ireland To Host Dublin Youth Evenings

Dublin Youth Meetings

Vocations Ireland is an association of the Vocation Directors of the Catholic Religious Orders in Ireland. They want to involve as many secondary school and college students as possible in their Dublin Youth group meetings.

These meetings promise to be an invitation to young people between 18-30 to join in on conversations,to have discussions and through film,drama and the arts build a sense of community among each other.

Helping each otherVocations Ireland work to present religious life, apostolic, missionary and contemplative, as a potential life for young people, indeed people of all ages. Many young people today feel a desire or calling to pursue a life path that leads to the following of Christ and in doing so bring a deeper meaning and purpose to their life’s and even others.In these secular times it can be hard for young people to express these ideas and to meet other like minded individuals.These youth meetings to be held in St Paul’s Aran Quay on Tuesday Nights aim to provide a relaxed and social environment in which to do so.

The world needs DiaThe primary task of religious life is to live and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the men and women who are members of religious orders do this through a vast variety of ways- education, medicine, social work, development work, counseling, pastoral care, media,ecology, art and culture, farming etc. They work not only in Ireland but also all over the world.

Whatever you want to do in your life you can do as a religious. The opportunities are many, the challenge is great and the commitment is total.

Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ said to those who were thinking of following him to
“Come and see..” We are here to repeat that same invitation to day, “Come and see. ..”


What Vocations Ireland do http://www.vocationsireland.com/welcome-video/

Vocations Ireland provides information on religious life as well as support and accompaniment for those who are trying to discern if they are called to follow this way of life.They provide networking, training conferences and workshops and other resources for the Vocation Directors of the Religious Orders.visit http://www.vocationsireland.com

Director: Margaret Cartwright
Tel:  01 260 3707    or  086/7820149
Email: info@vocationsireland.com