TY Camino Travel Report


Walking the TY Camino de Santiago or Way of St James is a unique experience and a must see. The pilgrimage route stretches from Saint Jean Pied de Port in France to the UNESCO heritage city of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. This is where the tomb of St James is located in the Santiago Cathedral. They arrange school trips for ages 15 and up where they will put together an itinerary which goes from town to town until your arrival in Santiago.

So what is it all about? While the religious origins of this ancient pilgrimage are obvious, they have to take a step back from it to truly appreciate the values of it. You will walk between 20km and 27km every day which can take between 4 ½ and 7 hours to complete a day’s walk. On top of this you will need to add in breaks, breakfast, lunch and dinners and the odd game of football for those who aren’t done after a good day of walking.
Your time spent in the hostels will create a sense of camaraderie amongst your students as they demonstrate their self control with the daily tasks required for a successful day such as making the beds, tidying before leaving in the morning, arriving at the meeting points on time or even just packing and unpacking their bags each day.
The Camino navigates through lovely Spanish countryside with numerous signs showing you the way as well as regular opportunities to break for food and refreshments. Walking is the perfect opportunity to clear your head as well as being able to have longer in depth conversations with your friends which you may not have had the time to do back home. You will also meet other pilgrims from all walks of life and see how so many different cultures can be united in one unique journey.
I am not sure if the best part is the hiking shoes or hat contest or how much Nutella you can eat in a day or whether you will be brave enough to try the Galician pulpo (octopus) or Pimientos de Padrón (peppers) but one thing is for sure is that you will return home with a great feeling of achievement and a better understanding of your life and that of others around. All of this, rain or shine makes the journey worth every step.
For more information on their Educamino tours please contact our Dublin based Follow The Camino experts at info@followthecamino.com or call 01 6872144.