Tips for device safety


Here are 8 helpful tips to keep your device and computer safe and secure;

  • Have a password/PIN

This is the most basic thing to do and most people will already have these in place. But having passwords and PINS set will make ensure that you are the only one who can open your devices making it difficult to for others to gain access to your information. You should choose a complex enough password that you will remember, nowadays most sites require a certain amount of characters, at least, one capital letter and number. Make sure your device automatically locks after a few minutes of it being left unattended and finally try not to use the same password for all your devices.

  • Use virus protection software

It just makes life so much easier, it will prevent your device from slowing down and just being a pain so don’t cause yourself anymore unneeded hassle and get an anti-virus. Use only one virus protection software at a time, make sure it’s always up to date and regularly run scans to make sure everything is okay.

  • Turn on GPS/WiFi where possible

Where ever possible keep these on and if, god forbid, your device was stolen you will be able to track it easier and in real time. Hopefully, it will be easier to track down and recover.

  • Update your device regularly

Most viruses, hackers etc will be able to find loopholes in your device if it is not kept updated. So, to save this from happening whenever the company send you and update request just do it.

  • Avoid connecting to free, sketchy WiFi

We all love some free WiFi, I know, but be careful if it looks suspicious or if you’re not sure about it. It is a hackers goldmine as they can see the information being transmitted and use it. You can check this by making sure the URL starts with HTTPS instead of https. That extra ‘S’ will make a big difference as it makes sure that the only people seeing the data sent is you and the server the website is stored on. Also by clicking ‘forget this network’ so your device doesn’t automatically connect next time.

  • Avoid dodgy websites

I feel most of you will know this. You can spot a dodgy site a mile so don’t be filling in your information on it, they’re like a breeding ground for virus’s and hackers.

  • If your selling your device make sure you reset it

Obviously to clear any personal data as it will remove any financial information or chat/email history, it will also purge the computer of any viruses or malware you may or may not have known about, it will usually result in the most up-to-date operating system being installed and it will make the device all nice and fresh for its new owner.

  • If using someone else’s device be sure to sign out

Again just being clever about it, if you need to quickly check your emails, social medias etc. always remember to sign out.