Taking up water sports? Know the basics of water safety

Learn Water Sports with SafetyZone

Whether swimming, boating, or going to rivers, lakes or coastline, everyone should know the basics of water safety.

Irish Water Safety offers courses for personal safety and swimming including courses leading to lifeguard certification. The Lifeguard certification you get is internationally recognised, enabling you to work at pools and beaches around the world. When you take our classes, you learn to help yourself and others if a difficult situation unfolds in water. If you already know how to swim, build on these skills and learn how to save lives, including your own, by taking Irish Water Safety’s Lifesaving courses – you may need these skills to save yourself or a loved one someday.

“Know what you’re getting into”…

      – train with a recognised trainer via www.safetyzone.ie

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Learn Water Sports with SafetyZone

Taking classes with qualified, registered training providers is the best way to safely enjoy our waters.