Students of Hull University are demanding Refunds

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The Scarborough campus of Hull University is undergoing a gradual closure as it’s operations are being moved 40 miles south.

Students at the university are paying £9,000 to attend and those at the Scarborough campus are demanding a refund. The move is leaving many students without access to their tutors as they’re being moved to the main campus in Hull, and while it has not been closed yet the campus is being described by staff and students alike as a ghost town. The Universities residence, Cayley hall, was built to house over 200 students but reports say there are as few as 13 living there, each paying nearly £4,000 a year to live there on top of their student fees.

Closure of the campus was first announced in April of 2014 and attendance is nearly half of what it was when it first opened in 2010. Next year it is planned that there will only be final year students on campus, with the closure being complete at the end of the academic year. It’s not only students that are worried, staff are concerned too. While the academics are being transferred much of the administrative staff remain uncertain about their future.

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The main campus is under no threat, but will see an influx of students from its northern campus

An online petition appeared recently to try persuade the Vice-Chancellor Calie Pistorious, the man responsible for the closure, to grant some kind of refund to the students that enrolled on the basis that they’d have a full student experience at the campus

One student says “People haven’t got access to their personal tutors because they’re in Hull three days out of five.”