Some of the worlds most brave and amazing women


Have a look at some of these pretty incredible and inspirational women who have blasted onto the scene in the last year.

  • All the scientist who took to social media to challenge gender stereotypes and used it as a platform to stand up to sexism. Using the hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer to showcase the stereotypes against what female engineers may look like.



  • The Syrian refugee girl’s football to carried on playing despite their whole country being torn apart by a terrible war.



  • Despite not even having a medical degree or Ph.D., Tu Youyou, was the first Chinese women to win a Nobel Prize. The 84-year-old created a drug to fight malaria.



  • A 102-year-old German woman, who finally got her doctorate 77 years later after Nazis stopped her the first time. Ingeborg Syllm-Rapoport said, “I did it for the victims.”


                                             Fabian Bimmer / Reuters

  • The world’s first all-female anti-poaching patrol unit, The Black Mambas, who are dedicated to protecting endangered animals and tackling the rhino poaching crisis in South Africa. Since they’ve began their work the reserve hasn’t lost a single rhino.



  • Mariah Idrissi, the 23-year-old model who became the first Muslim model in a hijab for H&M.



  • At just 23, Niloofar Rahmani became Afghanistan’s first female pilot to serve in the air force since the fall of the Taliban. She says she receives threats from the Taliban all the time as they disapprove her career but she perseveres through as she is “deeply committed” and wants to encourage young girls to become pilots.