Social Media for Education: Instagram


Instagram is another Social Media site that can be put to work for you in the class room.

Last time I talked about Pinterest and how it could be used to help out in the classroom. This time our target is Instagram, a social network website built with sharing images in mind. Given that it’s such an open website, it’s probably a good idea to create a classroom account and set it to private. Signing up is just as easy as Pinterest, only you have to do it through the app from a smart device.

Once you have it you might be wondering how it can be used educationally, once again an infographic will come to our aid.

instagram infographic

As well as these a good idea might be to use Instagram to keep a record of any school trips the class goes on. The students will improve their photography skills and have great fun along the way, as well as create a permanent record of the trips.

Students could also imagine how a prominent person from history or fiction might use instagram and create an account based on them. Science classes could also benefit hugely as students record the various stages of experiments.

There’s a whole host of ways that Instagram can benefit education, some of which can be found here, of course there’s certainly other ways too. There’s one more to come, so check back tomorrow.

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