Slow internet actually can stress you out


Believe it or not, there has been an actual study done to show how slow internet speeds can stress a person out.

We all know that infuriating feeling of our internet acting up and just taking forever to load. I know personally how worked up it can get me but now a report from mobile broadband company Ericsson indicates that a slow connection does actually cause people stress.

The statistics released show that a person’s heart rate can increase by around 38% as a result of internet delays and this is comparable to watching horror movies.

So we get the same amount of stress from mobile delays as we do from watching scary movies. It may best to avoid watching one whilst on your phone.

Don’t even get us started on that buffering wheel we meet trying to watch YouTube videos or catch up on our favourite TV shows. This study also says that a mere two-second delay will start to increase stress by 3% whilst just a single pause as a video is playing can cause our stress level to increase by a further additional fifteen percentage points.

Imagine we had to go back to the days of the dial-up internet, we would probably loose our minds. There would definitely be a few more people throwing their computer screens out the office window in a burst of fury, thankfully those days are gone.

So, now there is actual written proof that having a slow internet connection is a significant cause of stress. I suppose we always knew it caused us stress but at least now we don’t need to feel as guilty about admitting it.

Next time you feel your blood boiling due to the slow speeds of your technology just think of rainbows and puppies and breathe in and out!