Should laptops be allowed in classrooms?


Another topic that people have become more aware of is the question of whether or not students should be allowed laptops in class. Of course there is no right or wrong answer, at the end of the day it will be the school, college, university etc. who ultimately decide what way they want to run things.

I feel there are a lot more pros than cons for this one, as we all know technology is the way of the future and there is no denying in a few years these types of gadgets will probably be a necessity for education. So, why not start now?

There is the argument that students will get distracted and begin to play games, browse the internet, check their social media, all these things are very much a possibility but if a student spends an average of 6 hours in classroom there really is only so much browsing you can do. You can’t monitor them all the time but most students will learn to take responsibility and simply get on with their work.

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It is good practice for them to get accustomed with the use of technology as there are not many jobs about where you don’t need a basic knowledge of how to use a laptop/computer. In the long run it is great preparation. It will probably end up being a case of the student knowing more about technology than their teachers as it is such an essential part of their everyday lives.

Everyone remembers the days when you received an unnecessary amount of homework or needed to bring five huge text books plus your copies and folders home, trying to walk up and down the stairs without breaking your back. The use of laptops would be a perfect way to replace that.

It is also known that your typical laptop these days can nearly cost an arm and a leg and for some people owning one isn’t an option. But, think of the amount of money you may spend on books and copies, it more than likely balances out and laptops will often last you a few years.

I think walking into a classroom full of students typing away will be the new norm in a few years and rightly so they are efficient and portable and will make life a whole lot easier. Although future students may never experience the excitement of buying new stationary every September they (hopefully) will be entering a new era of education so overall the use of laptops during class are most definitely the way forward in my eyes.