Send Silence Packing: Suicide Awareness


If you’ve been around Trinity College recently you may have noticed something odd.

Backpacks lined the front square of the college to represent the number of students in Ireland that lose their lives to suicide each year. 131 backpacks were placed. The purpose was to raise awareness to how big of an issue this is, and it really is a huge problem. Send Silence Packing will be moving to campuses across the country over the coming weeks to encourage people to talk about mental health.


The display at Trinity College.

If you’re struggling there are resources to help. Please Talk3tsAware.iePieta House and Samaritans are some of the organisations dedicated to helping people through depression and any suicidal thoughts they may have.

If you have a friend or loved one who is struggling it’s important to listen and encourage them to talk about the issues they may be having. Tell them about the services to help and be there for them along the whole way. Suicide is a terrible thing and affects not just the one that commits it, but their friends and family too. It’s a traumatic experience for all of those connected to the person.

The Send Silence Packing programme was originally started in the United States of America by Active Minds and the data collected regarding the event showed that after being exposed to the display people wanted to learn more about mental health, over 90% considered it powerful and 80% considered it educational.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, don’t neglect it just because others can’t see it.