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SDS is a Chartered Energy group with a wealth of experience in providing complete energy solutions to match our clients needs.

From independent energy audits and feasibility studies to a range of tailored solutions proven to dramatically reduce energy costs leading to verification and demonstration for our clients.

Examples of such solutions for the School Sector:
BOILER OPTIMISATION: Boilers are inherently inefficient and call for heat when not necessarily required. Heatgem technology prevents this and can save 15-30% of your fuel costs.

AC OPTIMISATION CONTROLS: Ensure your Air conditioning system shuts down when rooms are vacated with Climateq Prima. Reduce energy costs associated by up to 50%.

SMART METERING: Allows you and your students to view your electricity, gas/oil and water usage from your PC. Demonstrate energy savings to your students by running an energy efficient programme and watch the energy usage reduce.

“eco|Driver Smart Metering is a powerful tool to monitor and reduce energy and we are excited that it is already changing behaviour and reducing costs”

-Richard Dunne Headteacher, Ashley Primary School

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