Restaurant stands up for autistic waiter


A shocking story to emerge this week was in a restaurant in Manchester, a very unimpressed owner has took to social media to hit out a customers who asked not to be served by a waiter with autism.

Mike Jennings, who runs the Grenache restaurant in Worsley, near Manchester, said he was ‘astonished’ when a table of customers shunned one of his waiters.

After approaching the customers he asked what the problem was, one of them piped up and said “What is wrong with him?” When explained that the waiter, Andy Foster (45), was austic another customer asked “Why would you give him a job?”

Andy who started working at Grenache just over three weeks ago to help support his mother who is suffering from Alzheimer’s has said the incident has damaged his confidence but that he is also use to this sort of discrimination.

After this happened Jennings posted a furious message on the restaurants Facebook page on Thursday 3rd March stating:

“Here at Grenach, we employ staff based on experience, knowledge and passion… NOT the colour of their skin, or the way they look, how many tattoos they have, their dress size, religious beliefs or illness. We do not discriminate!

“If you DO… then please do not book a table at Grenache. You do not deserve our time, effort or respect!”

People were in two minds about the statement with a few arguing that the ‘customer is always right’ Mr. Jennings then contined to say:

“Every single customer that walks through the doors is entitled to their opinion. If a customer didn’t like their meal, we’d listen and take their comments on board.

“But when their ‘feedback’ is down right rude, upsetting and discriminative, we have to take a stand.”

Restaurant owner and Mike’s partner, Karen told the Manchester Evening News that “All we care about is someone having enthusiasm and passion. The rest we can teach.”

Foster, who was diagnoised seven years ago also said, “I always feel that it’s automatically my fault and I go into defence mode. I always think I have to apologise,”

“When I apologised to the customer she made such a fuss.

“The other table I was serving left a big tip so I knew it wasn’t me.

“I try not to take it personally because it has happened so many times in the past I have just got used to it.”

I personally applaud the restaurant for sticking up so proudly for their staff and was digusted at the actions of these customers. To talk down and treat another human like that due to a medical condition is unacceptable in this day and age and those people should be ashamed by how the acted.

But we want to hear from you guys, how do you feel about this issue?