Pontifical University St Patrick’s College, Maynooth


St Patrick’s College Maynooth combines best of both worlds, it has a Pontifical University, established by a Pontifical Charter in 1896. “The Pontifical University has Open Days throughout the year in conjunction with Maynooth University. “The two universities share the same campus and cooperate in a number of important academic programmes,” says Ruth Daly, schools’ liaison o”cer at the university. “If you take arts subjects with Maynooth University and theology at the Pontifical University, you really have the best of both worlds.

Given the small numbers of students in the theology classes, the learning experience is very personalised.” Ruth visits schools to talk about the programmes offered by St Patrick’s College as well as alternative routes into college. “It’s very important that students make an informed decision while they’re flling out their CAO. I advise students to go to as many open days as possible, because they may come across a course that they’ve never heard of, but that’s right for them,” she said.

As a mature student, Ruth decided to attend college in order to help her understand the complexities of her second child’s rare genetic condition called DiGeorge syndrome. She completed a certificate in psychology by attending an outreach programme delivered by Maynooth University at a local school. “I loved it, and the lecturer encouraged me to consider returning to college as a mature student. She recommended I attend the Return to Learning course at Maynooth, which teaches you academic writing and a range of skills required to participate in third-level learning.” Ruth went on to study theology at the Pontifical University and history and classics with Maynooth University. Being able to attend evening lectures in history allowed her to juggle student and family routine.

Ruth refers to the Pontifical University as one of the best colleges in Ireland from the point of view of both Leaving Cert and mature students, as it offered a wide range of student supports. The open days run from 9am till 4pm on Friday 27 November and Saturday 28 November, with theology talks taking place on both days. There will be free regional commuter buses running to the university on the Saturday. Other Open Days for 2016 are on Saturday 23 April and Saturday 25 June. To arrange a talk from Ruth or one of the Student Ambassadors at your school, or to order a prospectus, email admissions@spcm.ie

For more information, visit maynoothcollege.ie/pontificaluniversity