Orlando Mass Shooting: A Harrowing Goodbye from Son Trapped in Nightclub

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Yesterday’s attack at Pulse nightclub in Orlando left 50 people dead and 53 people injured.

The gunman identified as Omar Mateen was shot on site by police used a .223-caliber assault rifle and a 9mm semi-automatic which he legally purchased a week before the mass shooting in Orlando.

Mina Justice, a mother of one of the victims was awoken by a text she received from her son at 2am.

The message simply read,

“Mommy, I love you.”

Eddie Justice, the 30-year-old accountant was in the gay nightclub on Saturday night was able to hide in the women’s bathroom when Mateen opened fire. Over a space of an hour, he exchanged a series of messages to Mina, his mother who had to endure her son’s harrowing goodbye.

Here is the conversation the pair had before complete silence.

Pulse Orlando Shooting

Credit: AP

orlando shooting mina justice

Credit: AP

Mina dialed 911 after this and then sent a flurry of texts over the next couple of minutes.

“I’m calling them now.”

“U still in there”

“Answer your damn phone”

“Call them”

“Call me.”

Fear engulfed her whole being as she awaited her son’s next message.

“Call them mommy

Now.” he wrote at 2:39am.

He said that he was in the bathroom.

“He’s coming

I’m gonna die.”

She asked, “Is the man in the bathroom wit u?”

At 2:51, she received her son’s final text: “Yes.”