Opportunities Abound In MBC – Moate Business College


Moate Business College offers 16 courses to post leaving certificate applicants. The courses are available from 3 different schools in the college and on the same campus. The School of Caring; the School of Business & ICT; and the School of Arts & Leisure. The college provides excellent education and training to almost 500 students.

Moate Business College has observed, that pursuing QQI Level 5 and Level 6 courses, provides individuals with an insight and a maturity which enables them to make a sound and considered decision on their future education needs. Many students discover during their time on a Post Leaving cert. course that initial thoughts and ideas on career choice adjust or change completely. The main reason for dropping out of third level, was choosing the wrong course. Most students made their choice during the final terms of secondary school when they were under pressure with examinations. The ‘third level type system’ operating in Further Education allows and encourages diverse and flexible thinking. In addition, Moate Business College provides a career and education guidance service to help those who wish to progress to higher learning.

The focus of MBC and further education is to equip students with the skills to either progress in education or transfer directly to the work place. MBC has courses in child care and social studies which exemplify this dual purpose. MBC courses in Nursing, in general, lead to the participants progressing to higher studies. MBC courses in either computer studies, or business or tourism frequently lead directly to employment; with a percentage going on to institutes of technology. From the School of Art & Leisure (Sport, Media Studies and Art) most students progress to further studies; but, of course, some divert directly to the workplace.

Moate Business College

MBC has over the years developed a series of direct links with higher education institutions which enable MBC graduates to proceed directly to the second year of several higher level courses. The most recent of these links to be secured is with Athlone I.T., whereby MBC students who successfully complete a Level 6 Business Computing course in Moate, will now have direct entry into Year 2 of the Level 6 and Level 7 Business Computing Course in AIT. Similar type links exist with Galway Mayo IT, Carlow IT, DIT and Sligo IT.

Amongst the many exciting innovations in MBC is it’s involvement in the EU Erasmus+ programme. This project allows MBC each year to select a group of students who will benefit from a work placement in another European country. Over the years since becoming involved, MBC students have experienced life and work in Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy and Romania. By now hundreds of MBC graduates have added this to their CV’s; and wholly enjoyed the opportunity.

At present, MBC is working with Romania and Italy. Three separate groups of 8 students have recently returned from Pinerolo and Osasco in Italy; and from Timisoara in Romania. All, without exception, have reported that the experience was outstanding and a ‘chance in a lifetime’.

Information on all matters related to courses and applications can be found on the MBC website: moatebusinesscollege.com