Obesity: Get Moving!


Ireland is on course to be the most obese country in Europe by 2030! (Just let that sink in for a second). Obesity is a major concern for not only the general population but also the health system as a whole. If we think the healthcare system is bad at the moment, imagine what condition it would be in if the rate of obesity rises to the highest in Europe. This blog looks at the simple ways to manage weight and also gives an insight to the classes I started back in 2012.

“most obese country in Europe by 2030.”

Some of the problems that can arise through obesity are as follows:

  • WOTFV-Excess-Weight-and-Health-IssuesHeart disease
  • Stroke.
  • High blood pressure
  • Some cancers
  • breathing problems
  • arthritis.


Overcoming the problems.

The beauty about weight control is the simplicity of it. I believe that simplicity is genius and when it comes to weight control there is a very simple solution: “lifestyle”. There are two main types of lifestyles: sedentary and active. When it comes to maintaining a healthy life then you want to be on the active side of the two lifestyles. A sedentary lifestyle is what is also known as a “couch-potato”. Weight management is simple in the fact that all you need to do in control what you eat and be aware that your body needs to be active for at least 150 minutes a week. When healthy eating is combined with moderate exercise the result is a healthy lifestyle.healthy-life-banner-2


“recommended activity levels of 150 minutes per week.”




When you can manage to be more active then eating the correct things do not seem so hard. The trick is proper planning! Plan what you are going to eat and try to source your meals so that the ingredients are fresh and not processed. When cooking it is best to cook more than you need and save some for the next day. That way you don’t need to buy food the following day and you know the meal you are eating is actually healthy!

Whole Body Fitness.

In 2012, I developed a bootcamp called Whole Body Fitness. The reason I used the term “whole body” is because I believe that a healthy lifestyle does indeed incorporate the whole body. My main aim is to try and get people to get out and move more whilst also make people very conscious of what they eat. The classes areWBF not designed to be overly difficult but incorporate fitness for the whole body from the heart and lungs to muscular fitness to core strength. What started off as a hobby has developed into very successful classes that are run year round. The benefit that people have gained from the classes is astonishing and the fact that the classes are still going with such large numbers is a testament to that. Once people can see the benefits of weight management then doing exercise does not become a chore and it becomes a lifestyle change.

To follow the classes, go onto Facebook and like “Liam Lawlors Whole Body Fitness“.

On the whole, obesity is something that needs to be addressed but the good news is that not only can it be reduced it can also be reversed! Never stop moving, never stop eating healthily and remember, it’s never to late to start very movement helps!