Non-academic activities to improve your chance of getting employed


For anyone who thinks that academics are the make or break of your employment opportunity doesn’t worry because it is equally as important to be part of non-academic activities to improve your chance of getting employed.

A wide range of interests and activities not only improves your life, it’ll improve your job prospects as well. It is good for you to be involved in things that are not just academic. Here are some ideas for you to do to expand and improve your CV;

Join clubs/teams

The term ‘extracurriculars’ can really cover a whole spectrum of things from sports, drama, kickboxing to painting, the list is endless. If you show a potential employee that you put time, effort and dedication into something then it shows that you have to ability to do the same for them. Also, other activities teach you things like teamwork, communication, taking direction, the discipline which is essential for any career. Don’t be shy about your hobby, show them what it has taught you and how you are able to incorporate this into your work life.

Part-time or summer job

Other than an easy way to earn some money, these types of jobs give you a great experience. Whatever area you worked in, it shows employers that you are willing to work and learn. Also, placements and internships are great to have on your CV for the same reasons.


Whether your volunteering was something small or big it is worth mentioning, it shows that you want to give back and like spending your free time doing good things. It will stand out to an employer and especially if it is something you care about then that is a bonus.

Student government

Being a part of your student body is also very appealing and you can genuinely make a difference in your school. It shows that people trust you and gives you great leadership skills. Again you will show them that you care and are responsible enough to withhold such a position.


Being well traveled shows that you are opened to new cultures and ideas, it gives you excellent experience and shows you like to take on new things whilst being independent. Bonus points if you actually know another language.

Other hobbies

Believe it or not, employers actually want to get an insight into who YOU are. So, if you are interested in running, building things, baking anything that you enjoy doing it is worth a mention. Not only will employers be looking for someone capable of doing a good job but also if they will fit into their team and if their personality suits the business. You never know, your other hobbies might help you click with fellow employees or even the boss.