Guidance Counsellors are very aware of the benefi ts of studying abroad. They might even have firsthand experience of calling a foreign city home: blending into a new culture, speaking the language on the streets, discovering alternative views and beliefs, and even making new friends.

For their students, studying abroad can be a positive opportunity.  However, there are some issues that the guidance counsellor can identify with the student in advance.  It is not quite the same as preparing students for choosing a course and “going to college” in the next town, city or county. Mobility Guidance Counselling is a relatively new area of study and the fi eld is continually developing as we learn more about how to best support our students in their quest to study, work or intern abroad.

This is why the Euroguidance Co-ordinator in the National Centre for Guidance in Education liaised with Euroguidance Sweden to translate, develop and adapt a continuing professional development module for the Mobility Guidance Counselling process. NCGE/ Euroguidance Ireland has developed this free online CPD module which aims to give guidance counsellors (from post primary to third level) the skills they need to support students before, during and after an overseas stay. The process is based on a model developed by Soren Kristensen, Ph.D., an expert in Youth Mobility.

Our module is full of resources that will assist the guidance counsellor in empowering their students to make good decisions when choosing their placements, as well as how to look after themselves while abroad. It also addresses ways in which a guidance counsellor can support the returning student. Studying abroad has mostly positive outcomes, but on the rare occasion, things can go wrong.

The module offers insights on supporting a student when an experience abroad doesn’t go as smoothly as expected. NCGE and Euroguidance Ireland are hosting the Mobility Guidance Counselling module online and it can be completed at your own convenience. This CPD is recognised by the Institute of Guidance Counsellors. To fi nd out how to enrol contact

Euroguidance Ireland is part of the Euroguidance network which aims to support the guidance community in promoting European mobility and the European dimension within education and training through the provision of quality information and exchange of best practice.