‘Miss Feelgood – Teen Guide to Feeling Fabulous’

miss feel good

Miss Feelgood is Ireland’s First ever healthy eating and lifestyle guide designed especially for teenage girls. Miss Feelgood sets out easy steps, tips and recipes that will inspire healthier food choices and help girls feel happier from the inside out. Miss Feelgood has all the answers to help you improve your complexion, boost your mood, have nourishing hair, skin and nails, all from eating good food.

With constant reports and studies, showing how Ireland’s obesity levels, particularly in teenagers, is on the rise (one in four teenagers is overweight or obese). Unislim has taken decisive action and created this innovative guide to inspire and empower teenagers. Unislim has developed a version of Miss Feelgood in a fun and engaging way to encourage teenagers into the kitchen creating a series of easy to follow videos which are available on eBook. Unislim are embarking on a nationwide school tour, visiting secondary schools with their free interactive, engaging and educational seminars, led by fully qualiIed Miss Feelgood Ambassadors. Each 90 minute module will help to inspire teenage girls to make small changes that will have a big impact on their health, Itness, and conIdence levels. Fe Miss Feelgood guide is available to purchase at €9.99. As part of the Miss Feelgood initiative, a Unislim spokesperson will be available to meet with parents prior to the module to discuss the beneIts of healthy eating to give them the knowledge to support their children.

Miss Feelgood has been developed by Unislim, in conjunction with leading dietician Sarah Keogh and paediatric dietician Ruth Charles.

For further details please contact:
Mary Andrews Unislim: 0879299331 or mary.andrews@unislim.com