Me, Mum and YouTube


Oh YouTube, the one networking site even parents can use – that in itself is nothing short of a miracle. It has been a weekend of learning for my brain and through all the trials and tribulations, one I would not trade for anything except, of course, my Hogwarts letter.

Media Studies in English was not my favourite topic this year, however, unfortunately, it wasn’t something I could avoid, but, since last Saturday, I have begun to understand it better and appreciate it in a new light.


Mum had another one of her many courses for Women, in which she teaches them how to love their bodies and the wildlife around them in which they can use plants to nurture themselves and their families and, this time, I was finally old enough to join, no longer would I have to be inside all day, setting up lunch, now the youngest would get that rather disliked job.

But, alas, my presence did not come without a price, I was to be camera girl, filming and photographing the event, and then uploading the documentation of the event to the much loved YouTube. Obviously, she didn’t realise I had no clue how to edit videos, but, like many people who upload, I had to learn quickly, and quickly meant by the following day. I had forty-eight hours, it sounded like the new mission impossible movie.

Me and technology have a love-hate relationship, whilst I may be one of the better one at laptops and phones in the house, I have more times than I would like to admit, where I consider getting rid of everything and sending my texts via smoke messages, at least, that way I could chat with my friends without re-correcting more texts than I actually send.

Saturday came all too soon.

The phone was charged, booklets ready and everyone had arrived. Action time. At this time, I still had no video editing software, no idea what I should and shouldn’t film and if the people gathered at the black patio table would even want their images used, and most importantly, no clue what I was doing, to be honest, it felt like sitting my maths test all over again.

Five hours, the course lasted five hours and in that time I gathered 147 media clips between pictures and video, 147, all on mum’s phone and many of them were doubles of the same image, at six o’clock that evening I had to figure out how to get them onto my laptop without losing my mind, I only managed one of those successfully, if I go AWOL anytime soon, please understand I’m still looking for my mind.

The first attempt was to use Bluetooth, it took three people and it still didn’t work. Our next attempt, use this cable thingy that I don’t know the name of, still not a chance, the two devices decided to act like France and Germany and I was the Rhineland, needless to say, mum is very, very lucky to still have a phone. The next attempt, email, nope, because files that exceeded so much data couldn’t send, which included all of the 14 videos.

Three attempts down and it was now two hours later, I had one hope left before I abandoned ship, Viber and Facebook messenger. It was now I decided to pray to God – there was no candles for mum to light you see. I sent the videos via facebook and the pictures via Viber, it took the entire night and the internet on mum’s phone to fail twice, but it worked, I had the files, now the software.

That was the easiest bit, the software, click download and opened it, great. I remember thinking, it’s okay Clodagh, you can do this, don’t panic as I read the ‘’How to Use’’ section, for the fifth time.

Two hours later, I had finally figured out how to sync everything up to create a video, sadly what I had created was nothing to do with the video mum wanted. I got to work pretty pronto afterwards realising I had only a few hours left.

Surprisingly I got it done within the hour, and very happy with myself went to show mum, who was currently residing in bed due to her being sick. It played nicely, flowing well between picture to video, to the little end slate of information. It was simply sublime, even if I do say so myself, so when mum said it needed music, I nearly had a meltdown.

‘’Music?’’ I questioned her, ‘’music…’’ deep laboured breath of pain, ‘’you want music,’’ judging by the look she gave me, my reaction must have come off as hysterical.

I love music, I truly do, but, there was already audio in this video, and I had no clue, how to put music, that wouldn’t get the video taken off YouTube, onto this God forsaken video.

We did find some eventually, lovely tune, but if I ever have to hear it again I will change the life plan and go live on some deserted island and learn how to play the bongo’s.

And then, it was on YouTube, just like that. You’d never know from the thumbnail or the carefully written description that one girl had slaved hours over producing it.Or that the two-minute clip was originally just 147 media pieces.

All that time condensed into two minutes, but, it was worth it, one I know how to work with technology better. t.wo, I have an even higher sense of patience, and three I have an un-ending respect for YouTuber’s who upload regular videos, especially those who have to put in special effects.