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This sector combines significant financial reward with international opportunities. It also demands high academic achievement and dedication.

It works to improve an organisation’s position, profile or a particular section such as IT, human resources or production.

In this career you would work with a number of varied clinets providing them with independent advice and guidance. Management consultants are sometimes called in for particular assignments as part of the normal management practice. They help start-up businesses and work to estabish support, then develop them and become more competitive. Consultants can operate as specialists or generalists, but all typically provide services across a variety of industry sectors in the following areas:

  • Strategy
  • Programme management
  • Operations
  • Human resources
  • Change management

These consultancies can range from offering end-to-end solution provision, to niche firms that offer specialised skills. Which ever the consultancy is, they all use four key resources – objectivity, experience, analytical skill and full-time attention to each assignment.


IMI is a membership organisation that reflects a spectrum of Irish industry, from the smallest micro-organisations to the world’s largest multinationals. For sixty years IMI has pioneered the development of executive education in Ireland. Thousands of senior executives attend developmental programmes at IMI annually, ranging from NFQ level 9 Masters and Diploma qualifications to one and two day master classes. IMI also acts as a “business partner” for organisations that are looking to align comprehensive learning and development strategies to support the execution of business growth strategies.

Common to all IMI programmes is the translation of academic best practice to real-world solutions for practising managers.

In 2015 IMI has been recognised for the seventh year running as the only Irish business school to be ranked globally by the Financial Times for the provision of customised executive education.

Institute of Management Consultants and Advisors

The IMCA is the national and internationally recognised professional institute for management consultants and business advisers in Ireland.

Our mission is to foster and promote the value, quality and benefits of business consulting and advisory services in Ireland.  We achieve this by establishing, supporting and measuring quality standards, by representing and supporting the profession and by promoting the value and benefits delivered to clients.

Our principal objective is to advance the professions of management consultancy and business advice by establishing and maintaining the highest standards of performance and conduct by our members, and by promoting the knowledge and skills required for that purpose.

Membership is open to management consultants and business advisers working with major international practices, specialist sole practitioners and public sector bodies.

Management consultancy entails the provision of objective advice and assistance relating to the strategy, structure, systems, management and operations of an organisation in pursuit of its long-term purposes and objectives. This may include the identification of options with recommendations, the provision of additional resources and / or the implementation of solutions.

The IMCA is authorised to award the CMC (Certified Management Consultant) designation in Ireland. The initials CMC following a consultant’s name means that he or she meets the strict certification requirements of the IMCA which are based on world class standards of competence, ethics and independence set by the ICMCI  (International Council of Management Consulting Institutes).

Independent consultants usually join the Institute as associate members and once they meet the requirements of the Institute’s Competence Framework they can apply for CMC and full membership of the Institute. Consultants employed in larger firms which are Accredited Consulting Practices can also work within their firms as associate members towards securing CMC. For more information, see Becoming a Member.

Many CMC members work for Accredited Consulting Practices (ACPs) or Registered Consulting Practices (RCPs) which undertake, at practice level, to adhere to the Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct. To find a suitable ACP or RCP, see Find a Consultant.

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