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 Library and Information Services

Library and information services are responsible for combining information technology and people’s activities to provide information, data or knowledge in some way. It’s the interaction between people, algorithms, data and technology.

Entry level positions typically open up after completion of an undergraduate degree and involve generalist work, like a junior librarian or as a library assistant.

Careers can often be found in public and academic libraries which lend out books to the general public or students. Work can also be found in large private organisations which may have need for a large store of information, such as a law firm.

Shift work can be common during the week and an academic library may have extended opening hours during busy times of the year close to exam time.

Library Association of Ireland

They are the professional body representing libraries and librarianship in Ireland. The objectives of the association are to promote and develop high standards of librarianship and of library and information services in Ireland and to secure greater cooperation between libraries.

National Library of Ireland

The mission of the Library is to collect, preserve, promote  and make accessible the documentary and intellectual record of the life of Ireland and to contribute to the provision of access to the larger universe of recorded knowledge.

The National Library is open, free of charge, to all those who wish to consult the collections for material not otherwise available through the public library service or an academic library. A Reader’s Ticket is necessary in order to consult most categories of material.

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