Jobs to consider for people who love to travel


For any of you out there who just want to travel but still need to earn money why not combine the two? Here is a list of jobs you could look into if you want to travel but still make a living.

Teach English

Good news for anyone fluent in English it is one of the most sought after skill right now. It may seem simple but being able to speak English is one of your best assets if you want to travel. You can enjoy seeing new places as well as teaching people an invaluable skill. Jobs are plentiful and all you are required is a certification.

Become a tour guide

If you like meeting new people, outgoing and friendly then why not give being a tour guide a go. You can enjoy the sights of a city you love as well as showing other people why you love it so much. It’s a win-win.

Flight attendant

Possibly the most obvious option for travel lovers, they get to stop in a new place all the time and get paid to do it. Things to consider would be the intense hours and unusual lifestyle as well as a lot of qualifications.

Work on a Cruise ship

You get to enjoy the luxuries of being aboard a cruise ship and earn money whilst you’re at it. You get free accommodation and meals alongside visiting numerous cities. Plenty of jobs available in this sector so maybe it’s the career for you?


With a bit of experience in either you can literally find a job anywhere you land.

We hope you find something on your travels and enjoy seeing the world.