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IT is the main industry driving change across all the sectors which means computer skills are essential for all workers these days. Even if the career you want isn’t solely focused on computers, your job will most likely also require some sort of IT skill set.

With over 5,000 technology companies now located in Ireland and it doing nothing but increasing, a numerous career paths and related job opportunities are now more widely available.

Software and Programming are central to the computer industry. For a computer to function it must be programmed to do so, this is the software. Ireland is Europe’s premier location for software development. With leading US software companies such as, Microsoft, Oracle and Symantec having their Europeans operations based in Dublin. Ireland has overtaken the USA as the biggest exporter of software in the world.  60% of all software sold in Europe originates in Ireland.

Some careers you can obtain from this is:

Software Development – This is the process of developing software to meet the requirements of the end users.

Software Engineering –  This to design, define, and organise many aspects of a complex software product.

Quality Assurance & Testing – Every piece of software that is written must be tested extensively, and this requires the work of QA engineers.

Technical Writing – This is the writing of computer manuals for the customers of new computer software.

Technical Support – Support that is given to the computer hardware or software user from the manufacturer of the equipment or developer of the software.

Database Management – The people who design and maintain databases of all sizes.

Web Design – The design of websites for businesses and organisations.

Project Management – These are the people in charge of delivering a project on time and within budget.

Marketing and Sales – The research and promotion, advertising and sales of computer products.

Telecommunications is about the transmission of information across a range of channels by electronic means. The most simple form of telecommunications is between two stations. Now a days, multiple transmitting and receiving stations can exchange data among themselves through a telecommunications network. The Internet is the largest example of such a network.

The technological changes that have taken place in modern telecommunications, from blogging to pod-casting, video streaming and text messaging. Technical engineers made this possible by providing the methods to transmit and receive data.

The transmission of data is changing the way we live and this makes telecoms an exciting, challenging, and constantly evolving area of ICT to work in.

Telecommunications Engineers plan, design, implement and monitor communication systems and services. This area can also deal with the collection and processing of remotely sensed data from satellite and GPS, aircraft and ship radars.

Telecommunications Technicians install, repair and maintain telecommunications equipment. There is a big demand for these in the mobile technology sector. Software-defined networks (SDNs) are networks of equipment that seperate hardware from software. In todays networks, most management is carried out by people but SDNs are going to change that by automating many processes to reduce human input and the mistakes that can be made. Therefore, IT professionals will need new skills.




ICT Ireland is the leading representative body for the technology sector in Ireland and is part of Ibec. Its membership is made up of the leading players in the Irish technology sector, as well as many early stage hi-tech companies and telecommunications companies. The vision of ICT Ireland is to make Ireland a global ICT powerhouse.

ICT Ireland represents its members to the government, its agencies, regulators, customers and consumers, creating an environment where technology can transform and create a ‘connected’ society and economy.

ICT Ireland is focused on where we can make a difference: influencing policy; improving markets and supply chains; providing information and helping members to grow their business.



How to join


Ibec represents Irish business; home grown, multinational, big and small, spanning every sector of the economy. The organisation and its sector associations (such as ICT Ireland), work with government and policy makers nationally and internationally, to shape business conditions and drive economic growth. It also provides a wide range of professional services direct to members.As a member of ICT Ireland and Ibec, you are connected to other technology companies Ireland that understand your ambitions and your challenges.

Membership of ICT Ireland and Ibec enables you to be better informed, better represented and better prepared to meet the challenges of today’s economy.

If you would like further details on the services we can offer your company please complete the form below and submit, and we will be happy to discuss your company requirements with you.

Alternatively, please feel free to contact one of the ICT Ireland Executive Team » directly.






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Compu b was founded on a single, powerful idea: to unite retail, support, training and services for Apple technology. Over two decades later, it’s our passion for Apple products and commitment to customer excellence that have made us Ireland’s leading Apple Premium Reseller.

In 1992, we launched Ireland’s first APR in Limerick. Since then, we’ve not looked back. With multiple stores nationwide, our latest offering has marked our entrance into the UK – with a coveted space in Selfridges in the heart of London.

We pride ourselves on combining Apple’s transformational products and services with our elite knowledge and support. Whether you’re a new or existing user, a Business owner or Education institution, our teams have got the perfect solution for you. We also offer personal training and interactive workshops in-store, as well as technical support with our certified Compu b Experts.

While we’re proud of our past, we’re even more excited for the future. The world of technology is a constantly evolving space and we’re always looking forward to what Apple will announce next. We’re also dedicated to providing products to wow you, our valued customers. Because we’re not just Apple experts – we’re your Apple experts, supporting you across Ireland and beyond.

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