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The Irish Second-Level Students’ Union have expressed their relief that schools are re-opening today.

“We welcome the ASTI’s decision to suspend its industrial action. Our concern, as always, was with the students and the impact these school closures were having on their education,” Jane Hayes Nally, President of the Irish Second-Level Students said. “We are relieved to hear that students will be able to return to school, especially those in exam years. We know that a strike is the last resort for many unions but the ISSU feel that students should be prioritised in these situations. We hope to see both parties come to a resolution as soon as possible, to ensure that student will not lose any more days at school in future.”
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“Many students are concerned over the time that they have already lost, especially exam students that are due to take Mock-Exams soon. We know that there are students who will say that they were happy to get a day off but we also know of the students who struggle academically and have missed out on valuable class time as they are the ones that benefit most from classroom support.”

Some students stated that they felt they were being punished as their friends in non-ASTI schools were able to continue with their subject work and practical exam projects as their schools were not closed. They feel that they are at a significant disadvantage facing into exams having lost so much class time.

Ultimately, the ISSU are hoping to see a resolution soon to ensure that there is no further impact on students.

The Irish Second–Level Students’ Union (ISSU) is Ireland’s national umbrella body for second-level students working through the student council network in all second-level schools. ISSU connects, and represents, post-primary students nationwide. Providing a structured platform through which students can voice their views.

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