Interesting leap day facts

LEAP DAY. February 29

As we all know today is, of course, the 29th of February which means that it must be Leap Day. So, get your balloons and party hats at the ready and get excited to do some crazy leap year celebrating.

To help you get into the Leap Day spirit here is a few interesting facts that you may not have known about February 29th:

  • Women can propose to men

What a world we live in where it is traditionally accepted for a woman to pop the question on a leap day. This idea actually comes from an Irish story when St. Brigid struck a deal with St. Patrick asking him could women propose on this day and he kindly agreed, such a gent!

What is fascinating about this is, not only have they created a hit movie (starring the beautiful Amy Adams) about this but, if the man refuses the proposal then he must offer the women money or clothing such as a silk dress as result of humiliating her.

  • Babies can join a club

Yes, there is an exclusive club where babies born today can gain membership to The Honour Society of Leap Year Day Babies. There is nothing much to gain from this club other than their pride in being a leap day baba and also, the website gives the option of selecting February 29th as their birthday, that’s pretty cool.

  • Rare disease day

The European Organisation of Rare Diseases quite ironically chose this day to launch their Rare Disease Day back in 2008. There are about 7,000 diseases considered rare with Crohns Disease and Tourette Syndrome being amongst them so, technically they’re celebrating their 3rd year of recognition today.

  • Two of Americans most notorious killers were born

In a weirdly creepy coincidence two of America’s most evil and arguably most famous serial killers, Aileen Wurnos and Richard Ramirez were born just four years apart both on a leap day.

  • Famous world leader born and died on this day

Now when I say ‘famous world leader’ I’m not referring to Obama or Beyonce but a man who I’m sure was famous in his own time none the less. Sir James Milne Wilson, the eighth premier of Tasmania, Born February 29th, 1812 – Died February 29th, 1880. As far as we know he is the only “famous” person to be born and die on a leap day.

  • First Salem witch trial

Another slightly creepy coincidence was back in 1692 the first ever Salem witch trial commenced. Warrants for three women’s arrest has been issued in colonial Massachusetts. It saw Sarah Good who was sentenced to death, Sarah Osborne who died while awaiting trial in jail and Tituba who was reportedly sold back into slavery.

  • Creation of the Leap Year

It was actually Julius Caesar who introduced the leap year back in 45BC, adding an extra day to February once every four years.

There you go 7 weird and wonderful facts you may not have already known about today.

So, go off and enjoy today. Do something crazy just because!

It does only happen every 4 years after all…