Instant Stress Relievers

Young people do yoga indoors

Now, we are fast approaching the end of the school year which can only mean one thing, that the work load tends to become more intense. With final assignments and projects due and the envitable Junior and Leaving Cert exams on the way it is no wonder that we may feel stressed.

Here are some tips to help relieve stress for when you feel it becoming a bit overwhelming.

  • Pick up a pet. What can be more relaxing then lifting and cuddlling a cute animal?
  • Turn your phone on silent even just for an evening, now take all those non technical vibes in and give your mind and eyes a break from those screens.
  • Just  have a huge vent and let it all out. Find someone who you trust and just let the words spill out or even write them in a journal it will definitely help to clense the body and soul.
  • Go for a walk or jog. Go the scenic route enjoy the fresh air and take in all mother nature has to offer. Exercise is a great stress reliever.
  • Run yourself a bath because nothing is more relaxing then chilling in a nice warm bubble bath with some of your favourite tunes going
  • Treat yourself! Maybe you’ve been stressed with having to deal with school or college and trying to maintain a part time job? Then why not spend those dollers on something pretty which you deserve
  • Buy yourself some adaqute movie munch (chocolate, popcorn and some unhealthy fizzy drinks should do the trick) and let the good people at netflix take your mind away to a fictional land
  • Sleep! Catch those Z’s! I mean what else can cure a stressful day than a good night’s sleep? Your mind and body will be greatful in the morning