Increase in potential college students


A new record has been set of 76,081 applications being submitted, this means there are more people than ever applying for college.

Courses linked to construction, business and technology have jumped significantly. Professions like law, architecture and shockingly nursing have all seen a jump as well.

Overall the demand for art and science courses has gone down slightly. With applications for agriculture increasing throughout the last few years there has actually been a big drop for it for the second year in a row.

So the race has now begun for students to achieve the points needed as it’s going to be more difficult than ever to get into their first choice.

But, of course, where there is a decline in some courses the demand for points will also decline. So, it all depends on what you want to pursue in college.

CAO have released this table (pictured below) on 17 broad categories and the exact percentages and changes from last year to this year.


Here is a further breakdown of some of them;

Against a general 2% rise in applications, demand for both engineering/technology and architecture courses soared 13%.

Nursing, where applications fell last year, has seen a remarkable 11% jump, probably reflecting widely-publicised skills shortages in Irish hospitals.

Business- and construction-related courses are also on a strong upward trajectory with 8% growth, while law has seen a 6% surge.

Maths-related courses have also seen some big jumps. While demand for arts generally is down 2%, the biggest arts course in the country at UCD, which has an intake of 1,200 students, records an 8% rise.

Agriculture is showing a major 24% drop in first preferences.

Medicine, veterinary medicine and dentistry have also seen a drop in applications while pharmacy and physiotherapy are up.

Demand for teaching is steady with a 2% rise, although the Institute of Education at Dublin City University, incorporating primary teacher training, has seen a 9%. increase.

Meanwhile, demand for courses at Level 7/6, known as ordinary degrees and higher certificates, is down 2%.

UCD remains the most popular university, commanding 8,959 first preferences, compared with 7,998 for Trinity and Maynooth has been rewarded with an above-national-average of 5% rise in first preferences.