How to control anxiety and stay positive for exams


With exams just around the corner for most of you, we know how challenging and stressful they can be. We want to give you some helpful advice in order to stay positive and manage any anxiety you may have.

Here are some tips to increase your confidence and minimise your nerves.

Know you’re not alone

Sometime it is helpful to share your fears and talk about the exam with peers, teachers, family etc. There is probably a lot more people who share the same emotion and even people who could help you from their past experiences.

Ask people for help and let them know how you feel

There is nothing worse than keeping all your feelings locked up and then bringing you to your boiling point at the worse possible time. Let it all out, it is okay to feel anxious during exam season. Just know that if you do begin to feel like this, that is when you should ask someone for help or advice this is the only way you can really let your confidence start to flourish.

Try and stay focused on your work

You know you have exams coming up and you have time to prepare. I know, speaking from personal experiences that you can get (very) easily distracted and caught up in other things which seem more important at the time. However, if you want to avoid becoming stressed and letting your anxiety get the best of you then just try and keep your head down on the work.

A little bit of stress can be okay- but not too much

Professionals agree that a small amount of stress can be good, normal levels of stress can help you to work and think faster and more effectively, as well as improve your performance. They say if you find your anxiety overwhelming, your performance could be badly affected. Becoming aware of what causes your anxiety will help to reduce the stress. But it is all about finding that balance as too much stress will ultimately effect your performance and cause unneccessary anxiety.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you remain cool, calm and collected during the next few weeks coming up to exams.

Good Luck Guys!