How a good teacher becomes great


Being a good teacher is both an amazing and rare thing.

After a while sometimes we can fall into a mundane lifestyle and just feel like we’re going through the motions. However, being a good teacher is incredible and you all deserve a lot more recognition.


Every teacher has the potential to become great so here are some ideas to put that spring back into your step;

1. By making relationships a priority

Learning should be a personal and social change and this requires personal relationships just as much as academic progress.

2. Show true content expertise

There are so many elements in this job that are becoming more focused on rather than focusing on the most important part which is actually having a knowledge of the content, of course, there are many things involved which are just as important. But great teachers are constantly seeking new ways for effective teaching but also to improve their content knowledge to better themselves.

3. Strive for Personalisation

This is difficult because in today’s systems most students are brought to the same standards and to a similar level of learning ability which is not fair as some people have different learning needs in terms of the style, pace, sequence, content. Although full-on personalised learning is out of reach, great teachers strive for the best personal learning experience they can give.

4. Always seek meaning

Great teachers seek meaning—in the minds of students, in their content, in the role of the school in a community, in the roles technology should and should not fill in their classroom etc.

5. Model Curiosity

Teach your classroom like it is full of inquisitive minds that, while they are all extremely bright, may lack the expertise that you possess. By modelling curiosity- during presentations, discussions, class, conferences and meetings you can show that curiosity leads to all learning but most importantly you can change the entire atmosphere in the classroom.

6. Collaborate with other great teachers

From your local department, school, district, then interact with others on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs wherever. Share ideas and knowledge with each other you could learn so much.

7. By measuring understanding in diverse ways

This can be quite complex and it’s nearly impossible to explain what it looks like, especially when there are a few teachers in the same building teaching the same content and disagree on what students should do or say to prove that ‘they get it’. But the more diverse the evidence is for understanding, the more empowered and successful the learning in your class will be.

8. By Prioritizing 

Teachers have a lot of expectations and other pressures placed on their shoulders but great teachers have the ability to organise everything and decide what are the most important things to put at the top of their list. Then they simply get the job done without compromising anything else.

9. By Getting out of the students’ way

Challenge your students and encourage them they can achieve it all, then simply get out of their way. You should notice the classroom of a great teacher is not filled with their own voice, buzz or spirit but that of the students wanting to participate in their class.

Maybe knowing when you can break the rules and be willing to move out of the accepted stereotype of “good teachers” and to give your students what you know they need.