Hobbies can improve your student life


Yes, believe it or not, being a good student is not just about studying hard, attending class and acing your assignments. Now, don’t get me wrong these are all extremely important but we have now learned that there needs to be a balance.

This is why you need hobbies, they can actually help improve your student life. I know at times school and college can be pretty demanding and you may have found yourself having to give up things you really enjoyed.

If you’re getting caught up and stressed over assignments then it’s time to re-think scheduling your student life. There are so many benefits to keeping up your hobbies they help relax your body and mind.

Here are a few different types of hobbies you could take up that will help you in certain areas of your life;

To help improve people skills:

  • Join a club- I’m sure there are so many on offer you can try something that appeals to you, try something new. Join one, two, three however many you wish, the world is your oyster.
  • Volunteer- you will get a chance to work with all different types of people, it’ll make you feel good and also help people in need along the way. It’s a win-win.
  • Join a sports team- Meet like-minded people with the same love of the sport as you, it will keep you fit and also being part of a team will help you make great friends. It can be anything from Zumba to rugby.

To help improve your survival skills:

  • Learn to cook- You don’t need to become no Master Chef or anything but learn how to cook things you like, these skills you will most definitely carry through-out your life.
  • Try and go on a real camping trip- With no electricity, 3G, WiFi (you get the picture) you’ll definitely learn to adapt quickly.
  • Learn a new language- If you want to travel in the future? It’s just a handy skill to have even if it’s just the basics to get you by.
  • Organise an event- This will test all your skills and how proud will you feel when you pull it off without a hitch.

To help you relax:

  • Learn an instrument- Even if it’s just a few songs you can sing along with.
  • Exercise- Like Yoga, Dancing, Running things like that will help clear your mind.
  • Write- Keep a journal, start a blog, tweet till your hearts content.
  • Read- Not your study notes now, but novels, magazines or newspapers. Great way to keep you mind and imagination active.