Happy body image


After some of you have woken up to freezing cold snow, rain, frost or just general awful confusing Irish weather, it’s not surprising that some of us may feel a bit down in the dumps and just want this day to be over…

So we are here to give a little reminder that you all should feel both healthy and happy within yourself and that includes in our mind and our body.

Of course, not everyone may feel like this but being a teenager can be challenging enough without the pressures of people wanting you to look a certain way and we are here to remind those people to accept yourself for the way you are, which we know is pretty great!

We are all completely different with different backgrounds, different personalities, different cultures, we are all individuals with unique body shapes and sizes. Which is completely fine in case you were wondering.

When you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, do you think this is not what I ‘should’ look like? Well, who is defining what is the right way to look? Celebrities? They are not reality! Who is to tell you that you do not look right? It takes all sorts of people to make up this amazing world.

During your teen years, your body is going through so many changes with hormones so it is understandable that you may find yourself in a mood or become obsessed with how you want to look but think of your life in the long and if it’s not making you happy then don’t do it. It is not a competition no matter how other people may make you feel.

If you are truly unhappy or worried about this, then talk to friends, family anyone who you trust. Letting it all out will help you relax and bring you some comfort.

You are who you are, there is no one else in the world like you.

So, embrace it!

There are some positive words to take with you into this weekend. Enjoy yourself and be happy as your own individual self because you are amazing!

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